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24th July 2020 Recreational

Durham ACO’s 100 quiz questions during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Durham Cricket’s Association of Cricket Officials has been running a daily quiz on its social media pages with 100 questions asked throughout the period.

The quiz was set up to challenge Durham umpires and scorers with daily questions relating to real life match situations – in preparation for when officials head back out onto the field and into scoreboxes.

Questions ranging from “What would an umpire signal if a ball hit the batsman’s arm and bounced directly over the boundary rope?” to “Would a scorer make a note if the bails blew off during a bowler running into bowl?” were put to members.

The success of the quiz saw umpires and scorers from all over the country begin to get involved, with an Indian first-class umpire regularly answering questions.

The quiz gave officials the chance to revise certain laws and also give them an idea of examples which may happen when officials return back to cricket.

Harry Stephenson, Durham Cricket ACO Chairman said: “I am sure everyone will agree these daily quiz questions have proved really fun and enjoyable for our members.

“To see lots of our members taking part plus officials from other counties has been great to see.

“Although we haven’t been able to stand and score games until now, these real-life situations have really brought our minds to what goes on out on the pitch every summer.

“Can I say thanks to all who have been involved from the beginning of lockdown, I definitely enjoyed seeing them every morning and I know from the comments and engagement that everyone else did too.

“It is fitting that the 100 mark come up the day before recreational cricket could start.”

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