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EDI Information

Durham Cricket is committed to encouraging equity, diversity and inclusion in every part of our operation, and eliminating any unlawful discrimination.  Policies have been developed to ensure this happens and are kept under constant review by the Board of Directors and Executive Team.

Durham Cricket firmly believes that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion do not stand alone – rather they must be fully integrated into everything we do to manage and improve our services. We will therefore integrate our EDI policy into other strategies, policies and procedures that we adopt in service delivery, employment practises and management of partnerships. It will apply to all aspects of employment with the organisation and also in how we engage with others outside Durham Cricket, whether through partnerships, community engagement or contractual arrangements.

Additionally Durham Cricket has set up a dedicated reporting channel for anybody who wishes to report prejudice, discrimination or abuse during any of their dealings with Durham Cricket and also during any time spent at Seat Unique Riverside, Chester-le-Street.

The dedicated email address has now been established as part of an ongoing approach to improving Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion across all aspects of Durham Cricket which lies at the heart of our business strategy.

Any reports which are made via the reporting channel will then be subject to a thorough investigation, conducted with immediate effect by Durham Cricket.

This dedicated channel is open to anybody who feels they have been subject to – or has witnessed – discriminatory behaviour whilst being part of a Durham Cricket environment.

Durham Cricket would like to assure anybody who makes a disclosure that information that they provide will be held in the strictest confidence and will be treated seriously.

Durham Cricket strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and believes that discrimination of any form has no place in cricket – or society – and we will be consistent in delivering this message across all of our operations.

You can contact the Club in person or anonymously by emailing

Durham crickets Equity, Diversity and inclusion lead is Chief Operating Officer Richard Dowson –