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24th July 2023 Partners News

resicentral®, a leading property technology company, made an impressive impact at this year’s Urban Living Festival in Canary Wharf

Deals That Make The Headlines

A 900 unit deal between resicentral®, headline sponsors of Urban Living Festival 2023, and
Charles Hope Apartments raises the industry standard for energy management, building
monitoring, and apartment automation.

resicentral®, a leading property technology company, made an impressive impact at this year’s
Urban Living Festival in Canary Wharf. As the headline sponsor of the event, resicentral®
showcased their innovative energy management solution, resiEM™, and resiAIR™, a Wi-Fi
based intelligent monitoring, control, and sensing unit. Both are designed to reduce energy
consumption, save clients money, improve sustainability, and provide valuable data insights.

MD, James Baird, and Dale Smith, CEO of The SDDE Smith Group, the parent company of
resicentral®, gave speeches, workshops, and live demonstrations, leaving a lasting impression
on attendees. Reaffirmed by securing deals in excess of 1000 units whilst at the event. More on
that later.

James and Dale kicked off the second day of the Urban Living Festival with a joint introduction.
Dale spoke of the acquisition of resicentral® and his pride in The SDDE Smith Group’s
participation as the headline sponsor of the Urban Living Festival for three consecutive years,
underscoring the company’s dedication to driving innovation and industry collaboration. James
followed to speak on the company’s rapid growth, highlighting the company’s ambitious plans,
including the installation of resicentral®’s resiEM™ technology within 520 units in Leeds.

The resicental® cloud platform and resiAIR™ technology work together to give clients control
over their buildings by monitoring and controlling individual apartments and spaces. This helps
to improve energy efficiency and the resident experience. resiAIR™ uses state-of-the-art
processing and sensing technology in a compact device that is about the size of a smoke
detector. The system includes features such as temperature setting limits and the automatic
shut-off of lighting, heating, and other circuits when sensors detect no occupancy in a given
location. The technology uses customizable rules within the platform’s rule engine, making
them adaptable to various actions with custom configurations.

The accompanying technology, resiEM™, is an energy management platform that compiles
granular data across an entire property, breaking it down to each individual unit; benchmarking
energy consumption and the estimated costs for power usage. The platform provides real-time
and historical reports on energy usage, which property owners can use to effectively monitor
and optimise their consumption patterns.

Stemming from discussions and live demonstrations at the Urban Living Festival, resicentral®
secured a deal with Charles Hope Apartments to implement resiAIR™ and resiEM™ in over 900
units across 17 locations. By leveraging resiAIR™ and resiEM™ Charles Hope Apartments
property managers and residents will experience an evolutionary approach to energy usage and
optimisation, raising their efficiency and sustainability standards.

Richard Maurin, CEO of Charles Hope Apartments, shares his thoughts: “Charles Hope
Apartments has chosen resicentral® as a technology partner across our UK portfolio due to the
product’s superior features offering our business a range of energy-saving and operational
management benefits. Charles Hope’s ethos is to provide unparalleled customer service; our
commitment to lowering energy usage without impacting the customer sits alongside that.
resientral® offers a data-driven solution that allows us to do this, unlike any other product on
the market.”

resicentral® is committed to sustainability and ESG principles. Through its innovative resiEM™
platform and resiAIR™ technology, the company compiles real-time data on sustainability
practises, including Kwh of energy, resident engagement, and carbon offsetting.
At the close of this year’s Urban Living Festival, it is clear that resicentral®’s contributions will
have a lasting impact on the property industry as a whole. Their dedication to innovation,
sustainability, and collaboration sets a high standard for others to follow. It is an exciting time
for urban living, and resicentral® is at the forefront, shaping a future where technology and
sustainability converge for the betterment of residents and communities.

Want to know more about resicentral®’s energy management and smart automation solutions?
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