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10th November 2009

Winter training begins

“During the winter, especially before Christmas, there are no real set times for the senior players to come in and train. I’ll come up with a programme for each individual and it’s up to them when they do the work, I try to be as flexible as possible as the lads all have varying commitments, some want to come in after they have dropped their kids at school and others may come in after coaching.

“I’ll run sessions most days working on general fitness and strength, which naturally includes a lot of gym work.  I try and make the sessions as varied as possible but obviously particular attention has to go to those players who are in rehabilitation after surgery.  I have to make sure that they can work their way back to training properly and at full strength without doing any damage to themselves.

“To add a bit of competition into training, work on stamina and get the lads together at least once a week we’re going to play touch rugby  – we had our first session this week and I think there is room for improvement!  Having played a lot of rugby in his early years, Gordon Muchall pretty much always comes out on top!

“I’m also planning a fortnightly session away from the ground, doing something a bit different and that offer a bit more of a challenge to the lads, starting with mountain biking in a few weeks time and then possibly touch rugby at the beach, paintballing and an assault course.”

“The Academy is split into three levels and I tailor programmes for each of the groups to allow the players to fit their training into their everyday lives.  The first level consists of the youngest of the intake and we meet at set times twice a week after 5pm so it doesn’t clash with their school schedule.  These sessions are designed to give the lads a good understanding of the gym and to make sure they establish a good technique.

“In our first session with these lads we set up equipment to time their sprints, in this case, 22 yards so we could see how fast they could sprint between the wickets.  We time each player three times and it adds an element of competitiveness to the session which sometimes can make sure they put extra effort in!

“The second level of Academy players consists of those lads who have been with us for a year or two and they are subjected to a more advanced programme, specially designed for their individual needs.   I expect to see these lads at least three times a week.  The lads that don’t live in the area make up the third group, these lads are given a comprehensive programme and any additional information they may need to be able to do their training at a local gym or at college. 

“I’m always easily contactable to go through any queries and I keep an eye on each player’s development so I can modify their planned sessions, if that’s required.”

We’ll keep you updated on various training sessions throughout the winter so make sure you keep checking the website for the latest news!