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30th September 2008

Will Gidman gets Ready for the Greath North Run

I didn’t start training until our season had completely finished, as much as I would of liked to of started some training earlier and start working towards achieving a good time, i couldn’t really turn up to work expecting to bowl twenty overs, after a ten mile run the previous day! So what have i done? Well the season did eventually finish about two weeks ago, since then i’ve gone for about four runs, a bike ride and a couple of rounds of golf!

My first run took me round my very own local park, Saltwell Park, just a couple of laps round then home, it took around twenty minutes, a short run i know but with a sore ankle and brand new Orthotics, it will do! I get back home to find my real legs have gone for there own walk around the park and i’m left with what can only be described as two leg shaped pieces of jelly! We don’t do a lot of long distance running during the season, we generally maintain our fitness by cycling, rowing or short distance running, so a twenty minute run was a bit of a shock to the system!

My next workout was the Mountain bike ride! You may remember me writing about a mountain bike trail in my pre-season diary, well it’s the same, very dangerous, black course! And yet again, it got the better of me, trying to get across the second river my front tyre locks beneath me and the next thing i know i’m sat in three feet of water wondering how on earth i get out! They were the most exciting moments of my training so far, i won’t bore you with the other couple of jogs and rounds of golf, i especially don’t want to rub salt into the wounds of my teamates who have lost rather a lot of money to my Golfing exploits!

So I must end my update for you now as i’m about to take on my first hour-plus run! I hope to give you one more update before the Great North Run, unless the next hour get’s the better of me you may never hear from me again!

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