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21st April 2011

Thorp and Blackwell on prospects for day three

“It was a good day out in the field, we bowled well as a team, as a unit.  You always get a little bit out of the pitch up here but it’s going to be hard work, no doubt about it but we can do the job.” Said Thorp.

“I think I’ve been bowling alright, I can’t really complain, I have a bit of work to do in areas but I can work on that.  I don’t really set myself targets, if the results come, they come.  

“The way it’s looking, it could be an early finish one way or the other but I think we can come out on top”

Blackwell added, “I’m a bit disappointed in myself, I was hitting really well and being aggressive and to get out the way I did was a bit disappointing.  

“We’re hoping that anything over 300 will put the game out of Sussex’s reach so if we can bat for another hour or so tomorrow or even until lunch that pushes things in our favour I think.  

“Me and Scott Borthwick didn’t bowl a huge amount in the first innings so we’ve got a lot of juice in the tank for the second go.   As far as my bowling goes, the ball’s coming out pretty well and I’ve been setting pretty good fields as well so even though I’m not getting the wickets I would like to get, I’m doing  a good job of tying an end down. 

“Even with bowlers missing we’ve still got guys here that want to prove themselves, the guys are really up for the challenge.”