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21st August 2009

There is no complacency says Cook

“As long as we were looking at a total of under 150 then that was always going to be without pressure.  Anything above 150 and the pressure would have increased.

“We enjoy winning and we’ve got a variety of sources that can produce those wins, obviously with Chanderpaul coming in when you need 70 to win on a wicket that’s doing a little bit then that’s very reassuring.  We have a variety of resource, left arm spin, some swing, some pace so the variety is there so as long as they’re gelling together as a bowling unit or a batting unit then we have plenty of armoury.

“We talk about bowling as straight as we possibly can, bowling as a unit and keeping the pressure on.  If we’re going to be critical and analytical then we didn’t bowl well enough consistently.  Your ace cards, your Callum Thorp’s, Ian Blackwell’s, Mark Davies did well.  The two lads with a bit more pace will be the first to admit that extra control would have brought them more rewards.

“Mark was probably only going to be able to bowl one spell in a day [after suffering from a back spasm on day one], we have to keep him somewhere around the new ball.  We got a crucial wicket just prior to the new ball that exposed the end and Mark was able to exploit it was some typical Davies bowling. 

“It was a really, really good pitch where if you bowled well you had a chance, if you made good selections as batsmen and were able to stick it out for a long period then you could score because anything off line came at a good pace and boundaries were easily scored off line or off length and there was a bit of spin for Blackwell”, said Head Coach Geoff Cook.

Despite recording a seventh Championship victory, and remaining unbeaten in the competition, the side are still very much taking each game as it comes and want to ensure that standards don’t slip as the team look ahead to the final four fixtures.

“We’ve got to play well against Somerset and Nottinghamshire at Riverside and if we do then the cushion that we have in the table now may be enough.  There is absolutely no complacency.  We have spoken over the last few years about standards that Durham want to aspire to in terms of putting themselves forward on the cricket map.  Just because you win a couple of games, you don’t let those standards slip and that’s something we have to guard against.  If we don’t keep to those standards against Somerset and Notts then we would be exposed”, added Cook.