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21st July 2023 Events

The Who Plus Special Guests UB40 ft. Ali Campbell Concert: A Captivating Fusion of Rock and Orchestral Brilliance

Seat Unique Riverside witnessed a momentous gathering of music enthusiasts as thousands of people were warmly welcomed to the sensational concert featuring The Who, alongside the extraordinary accompaniment of the Heart of England Philharmonic Orchestra.

This unforgettable event provided a truly unique experience, unlike any other, as the iconic rock band showcased their timeless hits with the magnificent synergy of a live orchestra.

The performance was thoughtfully divided into three sections, with the concert commencing to the resounding support of the Heart of England Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring an exquisite selection of tracks from their 1969 masterpiece, Tommy. As the night unfolded, the atmosphere intensified, captivating the audience with each chord and note. It was a mesmerising journey including huge hits such as the iconic Pinball Wizard, showcasing one of Pete Townsend’s most legendary riffs.


Peter Tennick from Chronicle Live perfectly summed up the sentiment of the concertgoers, stating, “I went to see The Who at the Riverside in Chester-le-Street, and I was absolutely blown away.” The performance was indeed a testament to the band’s enduring influence and musical brilliance.

Ross Robertson from Sunderland Echo aptly described the concert as a “British Invasion” at Chester-le-Street’s Seat Unique Riverside. This description couldn’t be more fitting, as the stage was graced by two legendary bands, The Who and UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Not only was the music outstanding, but the event was also marked by excellent service, as emphasized by Premier Technical Services when they praised the hospitality package, saying, “Excellent service provided by all. All staff very pleasant and helpful.” This thoughtful and attentive service further enhanced the overall experience of the concert.

The Who Plus Special Guests UB40 ft. Ali Campbell concert at Seat Unique Riverside was a celebration of the finest musicianship, unforgettable melodies, and an extraordinary fusion of rock and orchestral brilliance. It left an enduring impression on all who attended, making it a night to be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Photo credit: Gareth Williams

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