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20th July 2009

Smith: This is a learning curve

“We’ve taken a fresh outlook in this competition to introduce a bit more youth and change the philosophy in one-day cricket.  We did a lot of good things but you can only rest on that if you win the game. We didn’t quite take those match-winning moments. Every batter who goes in should try and take it upon themselves to try and win the game and no one managed to it unfortunately.

“It was disappointing to lose but we said at the start of this competition we wanted to use these eight games as a learning curve for next year and further on in one-day cricket. There were some very good things but the be-all and end-all is winning. People need to learn how to do that and how to take it upon themselves and take the responsibility. Losing like that will probably help quite a lot. It should make people more hungry to take that responsibility. It will be interesting to see how we come back on Friday”,

“We wanted to try and push on in this competition and most of the bowlers were decent. Will Gidman bowled well, most of the seamers did, and we looked much more like a one-day unit fielding-wise, so that was good.  The way we started the 50-over competition we probably had our most skilled and most experienced players out there but sometimes in one-day cricket you just need a bit more of an athletic, youthful outlook. I think that’s the way we need to go. 

“We need to pick up some wins and get people into the habit of winning games of cricket. We sent five people home after the four-day game to have a rest and save them for that. It’s completely different.  In four-day cricket we seem to have got the disciplines spot on and will continue to do so, I’ve no doubt about that. One-day cricket has been hit and miss this year and we need to find some momentum.

“You need to know your role in any form of cricket but it is probably highlighted more in one-day cricket. That’s where we’ve messed around with a few things and most of the things we’ve tried actually seem to have worked to a certain extent. In one-day cricket you need to be comfortable in your bowling and performed it a couple of times. The more people become accustomed to their roles the better it will be.”

“Long-term I need to try and do what Benks has done because he won’t be here forever. That’s what you want from a captain. We can’t beat ourselves too much about losing these kind of games as long as people are learning. The quicker we learn, the better it will be”, said Smith.

“We can learn from this and come Friday we need people prepared to take that match-winning moment and come through with it”, he added.