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2nd February 2010

Latest player blog: Scott Borthwick in New Zealand

“I’m really enjoying it over here in New Zealand, the weather is good and most importantly I’m getting to play loads of cricket!  

“I’ve been over here since November training and playing with Canterbury CC, where Paul Wiseman is a coach, and my club side, Old Boys CC.   I live right between the Old Boys and Canterbury grounds so they are just five minutes away – it’s great to be so close – no excuses to be late though! Town is just five minutes in the other direction too so I’m close to everything I need. 

“I’m living in a new apartment with two girls that Paul knows but he told them they weren’t to do any cooking, cleaning or washing for me so I’ve had to slowly learn how to do all that myself! I’m just about getting used to it and my cooking skills have definitely come on.  

“My priority while I’m over here is my cricket and it’s keeping me really busy.  There is only one day a week where I don’t train or play with either Canterbury or the Old Boys, who play to a pretty decent standard.

“I had a chat with Geoff Cook before I left about what I should work on over the winter and he gave me a few pointers.  It’s been great being able to spend time with Paul Wiseman when I’ve been training – with him being a spinner he knows exactly what I need to work on and Geoff also advised Paul about where he expects me to improve.  It’s good to know we’re all working towards the same target.  Mostly, I’ve been working on getting my feet in the right place when I’m bowling.

“My week begins with training with the Canterbury first team from 10am – 12, then after grabbing a bit of lunch I normally do a light gym session.  Tuesday is pretty much the same but in the afternoon I’ll do a bit of coaching instead of going to the gym; it’s the first time I’ve done coaching so it’s been a different way to be involved in cricket for me, but I’ve enjoyed it.   In the evening I go and train with my club side at their ground.

“Training with my club side on a Tuesday and Thursday is a bit more relaxed than the stuff I do with Canterbury, at these sessions I mostly do fielding and batting practice as they know my bowling schedule with Canterbury is pretty full on.  We sometimes grab a beer after so it’s nice to do a bit of team bonding too.   I’ve settled in really well.  The Club is really good and they are a great set of lads to be on the field with.  

“I train with Canterbury again on a Wednesday morning and then head to the gym in the afternoon.  I’m back at the gym on Thursday mornings before the second training session of the week with the Old Boys.  

“I try and give myself a bit of a rest on a Friday so will stick to doing a run and then probably going into town.  On Saturday’s I play for the Old Boys and then if the Canterbury seconds have a Sunday league match on the Sunday I’ll play for them too.  There aren’t as many second team fixtures as there are in the season at home, there are games every couple of weeks, but the standard is still pretty high.  

“I was playing for the Canterbury seconds last weekend at a really traditional ground called The Willows and managed to get 6 wickets in less than three overs- it was crazy, but definitely good fun.  I ended up with 6-13 off 2.3 overs – I doubt that will ever happen again!

“I’m feeling much better about my bowling.  It’s been great to be playing as much cricket as I have done, to get a fair few overs under my belt and pick up some wickets.  My confidence has really grown and if the conditions are good for spin over in Abu Dhabi I’d like to think I could stand a chance of playing in the game over there.  I had a decent season for the seconds last year and after making my debut in the Championship and one day competition my desire to play in the first team is even stronger.  I want to earn my place in the firsts and play well enough to stay there.”