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19th October 2009

Winter Pitch Drainage Works update

Within days the turf from the outfield had been removed and the only green remaining was that on the square.  Once the work is complete we’ll have a chat with Head Groundsman Dave Measor, in the meantime, a schedule of work is outlined below.



The ECB were keen to improve drainage at all Test Match grounds following pioneering work done with a new drainage system at Lord’s.  Most grounds have had works completed, with the Riverside and Rose Bowl installing new outfields this winter.  This will mean only Edgbaston has not had the work completed.

Work can be broken down into the following tasks:

1. Removing the existing turf from the outfield. 

2. Stripping of topsoil, grading of subsoil and replacement of topsoil to create improved levels that marry to the square and the existing boundary, especially upslope of the square. Currently water runs from the pavilion side of the ground onto the square and the aim is to eliminate this in the future. 

3. The installation of a system of main, collector, lateral and sand slit drains. 

4. Connection of the system to the existing outfall drain to the river. 

5. The installation of an automatic pop-up irrigation sprinkler system including a new storage tank and pump system. 

6. Spread of rootzone material to provide a stone-free layer on the surface. 

7. Fertilisation, turfing with washed turf and re-establishment.


The project is hugely weather reliant.  It is hoped if the weather stays good the vast majority of the work will be completed by Christmas.  The following gives an indicative timetable of what is happening.