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10th December 2008

Will Gidman’s winter diary continues…

With cricket being rained off yesterday I didn’t feel that we could make Sunday our usual day of rest! So, we got ourselves outside on the driveway and did a circuit of boxing and sprints, a minute of each, three times through. We finished off with a couple of laps round the park at a good pace, followed by a quick core workout. Not the hardest session we’ll do this summer/winter, but enough to get a bead (sweat) on!

Another good session in the gym, Me and Ben are having to remind each other to do our own individual exercises, stuff that will strengthen us in areas where we’ve had injury trouble. I’m doing some calf raises and Ben is doing some glute exercises.

We did exactly the same in the pool today as last week, but this time I tried pacing myself so I didn’t end up like a drowning rat after five minutes!  I succeeded, I went about twelve minutes before that happened!

Another disappointing CTCC training session as the turnout was poor, we’ve got a bit of an injury crisis at the moment with about five or six bowlers out injured. So naturally, with few bowlers and many batsmen it makes for a difficult nets session. A light but persistent drizzle made it all the more frustrating. You can probably tell by the tone of my diary that I’m pretty annoyed with tonight’s training! My apologies!

Me and Ben have taken ourselves off to buy some tennis balls, just a cheeky little buy, along with a racket, they make great tools to practise the short ball with, as well as other batting drills. At the indoor centre we put our theory to the test. It took a while for us to find our touch with a tennis racket. I comfortably had the more fluent forehand due to an epic match mid-summer against Muchall (Gidman won 6 sets to 4), and another epic late summer against Coetzer (Gidman won again, 6 sets to 3)! Thanks for coming lads! Anyway, the session was good fun, more of a learning curve for next time I think.

One of those painful gym sessions, I didn’t really want to be there due to a killer headache, probably caused by staying in all morning and watching Australia v New Zealand on Mitch’s 40 inch plasma! Got through it though, on to training.

CTCC training was indoors again today, I was keen to make the most of tonight’s session as I’m surprisingly anxious about cricket on Saturday. I think that’s down to the fact that chances for a bat here are few and far between, you so badly want to make the most of opportunities so when they do come around you naturally get a bit more nervous and anxious. My turn eventually comes around to bat, I wasn’t too happy, I was pushing at balls that I should be leaving, trying to feel bat on ball.  But not to worry, seeing highlights of Mathew Hayden snicking off to a ball he should of left makes me feel a whole lot better!

A long day today after last week’s cancellation. We win the toss and choose to bat, we get off to a flyer getting to 80 in about 13 overs when the first wicket falls bringing me to the crease, my innings is short and not very sweet, I got a few runs before chipping one up to mid wicket off their spinner.    I spend the rest of the innings begging the lads for some warm clothes as not one person warned me that Hurricane Beth was visiting Campbelltown! Going out to field we were defending 276. After looking down and out, our opposition mount a counter attack and look to be getting close before yours truly takes a rather wonderful catch in the last over to claim the victory for the Ghosts (Campbelltown CC).

The evening is spent watching the best game of rugby league I’ve ever seen! My apologies to my Australian team mates, it had to get a mention! 

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