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19th February 2010

Will Gidman to Represent MCC

Thirteen players from clubs around the country will travel to the United Arab Emirates and Oman to play in a combination of 50 and 20 over cricket. We caught up with Will before he went away for a bit of a catch up and to see how the trip fitted in with his plans for the 2010 season.

I’m really excited about the tour – I’ve never been to the UAE before so it will be a really great experience. We spend five days in Abu Dhabi, five days in Dubai and two days in Oman.

I know some of the guys that will be going too so that makes a big difference – I know Kadeer Ali and Steve Snell from Gloucester and the MCC YC’s  and I’ve enjoyed playing against David Balcombe a few times so it’ll be nice to have the chance to play alongside him.

Keith Dutch is going to be captaining us, I’ve heard lots of really good things about him so I’m sure we’re in good hands.

It’ll be great when I get back from the tour because more of the lads will be about and then I think the run up to the start of the season will be pretty fast and furious.  My winter training has been in anticipation of this trip, the season comes very quickly from here on in.

Exactly! It’s weird how these things come along at the same time – my brother Alex is going to be captaining the MCC when we play them for the season opener in Abu Dhabi so that trip will be exciting for a completely different reason.

My pre season training so far has been focused on developing my overall skills as a Durham cricketer. I really want to develop my one day game as I think that’s where I have the opportunity to make a real impact within the team.  

I’ve come back into training feeling really refreshed and, after my operation, it’s nice to be bowling (Pain free!) on a regular basis.  I’ve been wary not to do too much during the recovery process so have focused on developing specific batting skills while doing the more general bowling practice.

The tour is a great addition to my pre season preparation – I’m really grateful to be going along and it adds to the preparation I’ve already done.

I feel really focused for the season ahead and I’m keen to play a big part in Durham winning a one day trophy this year and if I could play a part in more championship success for the club that would be great too.

Mike Griffith                  Sussex CCC; Chairman of MCC Cricket Committee
Arfan Akram                Cambridge MCCU; Essex CCC
Gregg Brown               Bath CC
Kadeer Ali                    Gloucestershire CCC
Will Gidman                  MCC Young Cricketers; Durham CCC
Keith Dutch   Captain   Middlesex CCC; Somerset CCC
Adnan Akram               Cambridge MCCU; Essex CCC
Eddie Ballard                Cambridge MCCU
David Balcombe           Durham MCCU; Hampshire CCC
Steve Snell                  MCC Young Cricketers; Gloucestershire CCC
Richard King                Loughborough MCCU; Northamptonshire CCC; Syston CC
Tom Allin                      Cardiff MCCU
Luke Jarvis                  East Bierley CC
Jonathan Wightman     Durham MCCU; South Northumberland CC
Tim Robinson               Umpire England; Notinghamshire CCC; first-class umpire
Geoff Knight                Scorer 

Thu 18 February          Depart for Dubai Heathrow via Lord’s 
Fri 19 February           Transfer to Abu Dhabi; acclimatisation nets Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Sat 20 February          MCC v Emirates Palace Gentlemen (20 overs) Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Sun 21 February         MCC v Abu Dhabi XI (50 overs)Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Mon 22 February        Rest day
Tue 23 February         MCC v UAE (50 overs – day/night match) Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Wed 24 February        Transfer to Dubai
Thu 25 February        MCC v Sharjah XI (50 overs) Sharjah Stadium, Dubai
Fri 26 February          Coaching day Sharjah Academy, Dubai
Sat 27 February         MCC v Fly Emirates (50 overs) Al Dhaid, Dubai
Sun 28 February        Travel to Oman & MCC v Oman (20 overs) Muscat
Mon 1 March              MCC v Oman (50 overs)  Muscat
Tue 2 March               Return to UK