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19th June 2009

‘We’ve got to make them follow on’ says Harmison

“I was happy with the way things are going, I think I showed my experience more, when you play on flat wickets you’ve got to do something different, and I’ve got something different because I’m 6ft 5 and  you’ve got to either be more aggressive or try to hold it and use your instinct to know when to attack and when not to attack.

“I feel I used my experience more in this game because it was a good wicket, I’m not building myself up because I got 5-30 but I felt as though the experience I’ve got of knowing when to bowl the bouncer, when to be aggressive and when to sit in was important and I felt as though the combination worked well for me, I was very pleased with the decision making that I made.  Once we got a breakthrough I felt it was always going to be very hard for someone to come in on that and face me when I had my tail up and that’s the way it proved.

“The last two weeks I haven’t really had to exert myself on the pitches we’ve been playing on but on this one I felt as though I had to put a lot more into it and obviously I’ve got my rewards in all three games, but this one especially.  This one is the most pleasing because it was the flat wicket”, said Harmison.

Harmison cause a few scares to the Warwickshire batsmen, hitting Ian Bell on the finger, Woakes on the arm and Tony Frost in the head, “It’s the worst feeling in the world as bowler when you hit somebody, I really don’t like it.  But that’s what I mean about using your experience, on a flat slow wicket you’ve got to try something different and at the time we needed something different and my variation is being aggressive and bowling bouncers”, Harmison added.

Durham go into day four with Warwickshire still requiring runs to avoid the follow on and Harmison has that last wicket firmly in his sights.

“To win the game we have got to make them follow on.  There is not much pace in the pitch but there is a bit of bounce in it, especially for the spinners so hopefully we can make them follow on.  There has not been a result here in twenty Championship games and you can see why.  To win here you have to have something different and after the day we had yesterday if we can get the early wicket and make them follow on we can put a few nervous twitches in the Warwickshire dressing room.”