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30th October 2009

Player Update: Mark Stoneman in Sydney

“It’s very good to be back as the sun has just started to show itself after some torrential rain over the last weekend. It’s still very much the same set of lads here despite a couple of changes so it makes it very easy to slide back into the fold which is nice, especially after a few VB’s.
“My aim while I’m out here playing is to try and find the solution to my innings building issues, away from the comforts of coaches and support staff and basically doing it for myself.  That’s what was lacking this season, I was getting myself solid starts and not building upon them and it’s pretty obvious that only I can fix things for myself out in the middle.
“Having said that, I didn’t have a great start. I missed my first Thursday night training due to jet lag and then had a brief net on the Friday afternoon in which everything felt great.

“I arrived to the game on the Saturday morning to find a damp wicket after some heavy overnight rain and “sweating under the covers”. Not too bad though, I thought, all in good time – bat through the first session, leave well and we’ll take it from there.

“I get into the changing room, find that we’ve won the toss chose to bat so not too bad a situation, only to find out that it’s a one day game wearing coloured clothing and yours truly has brought along only whites.

“So there you have it, game plan out of the window, I scramble to borrow some coloured kit for a makeshift outfit rush onto the field, top edge a pull shot and the idea of settling in with a nice 100 first game goes sailing out of the window, with a duck!
“My second game includes a classical Stoneman innings following on from this season, a well compiled 25, going along nicely on a good batting pitch and managed to make a turn off the hip to square leg into a return catch for the bowler.  The initial hope of that my “pretty twenty” plague would be retained at customs and I could proceed to accumulate runs at will has been dashed, for now!
“Our strength and conditioning coach Mike King has kindly emailed me a training programme which should keep me busy for the time being.  I think that Mark Davies tales of me coming home from Sydney in 06/07 looking like I had been working in a kebab shop have reached Mike and that was the reasoning behind that email.
“Otherwise, I think surfing looks a pretty easy hobby, so may give that a dabble while working on my short game around the greens.”

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