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25th November 2009

More winter training…Mountain Biking


The rain stayed away as everyone gathered their bikes and helmets for the forest trail. Following a short delay due to Ben Harmison and Will Gidman’s map reading skills everyone was ready to go!

Mike selected the red course, the longest of the routes available, which went around the edge of the forest which covered fifteen miles and was scheduled to last two hours.

The group’s riding skills were put to the test as they encountered a long sloping hill at the start of the route. Gareth Breese had a mishap when his back wheel couldn’t find any grip and he ended up nicely placed in the puddle.

Following a nice steep hill they encountered the river. Do you take the bridge on the right or go through the river on the left? Ben Harmison showed no fear and headed straight in and following steady progress he slipped on the ascent out of the river and got soaked.  Callum Thorp, Gareth Breese and Will Gidman sailed through with only wet feet to show for their crossing. With Academy Coach, Alistair Maiden taking the bridge, Mike King was left to make up his mind. He decided the river was the way forward and headed in at pace. Just as he approached the far side of the river his front wheel became clamped in a little ravine. The back wheel went up and over the handle bars he went, straight into the river! Everyone laughs as he climbs back on to his bike, soaking wet, with an hour remaining of the course.

All the group were pleased as the final 20 minutes was all downhill, followed by a flat run along the river. Everyone was overjoyed to see the car park after two hours hard work.

Thanks to Woods and Wheels who provided all the cycling equipment for the day.

The next trip Mike King has arranged for the players is Rock Climbing, keep a look out for updates on the website of more winter training.