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3rd July 2009

Di Venuto: We’re playing some terrific cricket

With rain already having brought play to an early close on day two there was a further threat of showers on day four despite the glorious sun on Thursday.  The winning runs were scored just minutes before heavy rain started to fall at Riverside.  

“With bad weather forecast we had to get on with it a little bit but it was nice to hit a few in the middle and hit a couple off the edge and get away with it.   With the weather in the back of your mind, if you get a couple of low scoring overs it can get on top of you so it was important that we kept up a decent rate, which we did from the start, we were ticking over nicely.

“Ian Blackwell at one stage said ‘If we do this you could get a hundred here’ and I just said ‘no, don’t worry about it – let’s just get the runs and get off here before it rains’.  The way things went a couple of people were out so the century just fell into my hands and went that way, which was nice”, said Di Venuto.

“The first couple of days were really hot and humid and it was swinging conditions, the batting performance was just one of those things, we all know we can bat better than that.  Phil Mustard was outstanding, continuing the improvement he has shown all year, he was terrific and got us up to their score.  

“We knew if we got within 20 or 30 runs that we would be in with a chance of winning the game.  In fact, in the end we got past them by one run so the first two days just cancelled themselves out.  Thursday was a great effort by our bowlers.  The conditions improved a lot for batters yesterday so for our bowlers to come and knock them out was fantastic. 

“We’re playing some terrific cricket, our Championship cricket in the last three games has been excellent, this time it was the batters turn to go out and win on the last day so it was good for us to do the job”, Di Venuto added.