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2nd May 2011

Cook on the Dynamos win over the Foxes

“I think the team generally were disappointed with the way we played yesterday, it was Ok in the field, the young guys did a good job but they didn’t have enough runs to play with.  Today was important that a couple of batters posted a decent score when they got in, we’d have liked more input from the top three but that wasn’t to be.  As soon as Breese and Blackwell got in put us in a commanding position and our score was a good one.

“It’s really important, no matter what format you play, that when two people get in that they take it to another level and that’s what we did. Gareth Breese actually spoke up in our team meeting to say we didn’t bat well enough or all the overs on Sunday and he took that responsibility on today and put his words into action.

“I thought in the field we were very well organised and there was some skilful bowling towards the end.  They’ve got two very good young players, Taylor and Cobb, and they got the score up to the 80’s without too many boundaries, other than that there weren’t many memorable shots so they played well to get to that point, but it showed how well we bowled in terms of not many boundary opportunities.  

“We managed to break the partnership and it was just a case of chipping away after that.  I thought that Ben Stokes and Ben Harmison were outstanding in the field, really working hard on the big boundary and making some great stops within the circle and their speed and strong arms were a huge benefit to the team.”