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13th August 2009

Cook: It’s been a hard fought two days

Head Coach Geoff Cook gives us his thoughts on the second day’s play, “The day was almost a mirror image of day one really.  Their left arm spinner doing most of the work and the guys at the other end trying to act as foils.  It’s that sort of wicket to bowl seamers on, it’s hard work, a pretty level wicket, but there’s a bit in it for spin and both Blackwell and Keedy have bowled well in consecutive innings. 

“You’d like things to be polished off, but with those people that applied themselves there is always a chance.  Laxman [who top scored with 87] is a world class player and those conditions are perfect for him.  He’s played on a million wickets like that, slow turning wickets without much help for wickets, and it was tailor made for him.  He showed his quality and blunted for most of the afternoon.

“As the ball gets older it becomes easier and easier to play the turning ball.  The new ball, so far in the game, has not been much of a threat and the spinners initially, as they come on with the hard ball cause problems but as it gets older the people who apply themselves have got a chance.

“It’s been two hard fought days – we’ve got to bat really well in our second innings when we get the chance and if we do that and manage to bat all of day three then we will set things up for an excellently competitive last day. 

“We’re very much still in the game.  It’s a position where we will have to fight for two days to really get anything out of the game.  We’re going to turn up on the third day virtually even and we’re going to have to play some tough cricket.”