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12th August 2009

Blackwell records career best at Old Trafford

“I’m sure there will be a few more overs required from myself, it’s been quite a good game for me in terms of the ball’s been spinning.  Will Smith has trusted me with lots of overs, which is nice, and obviously to get a few wickets was good and hopefully I’ll pick up some more. 

The pitch keeps you interested and also puts a bit of extra pressure on you knowing the wicket is spinning and you get told, “it’s your wicket, you’ll get fiver-fer” and then invariably you get none for a lot but fortunately I managed to do well.  It’s all good, it’s bowling vital overs for the team and getting wickets”, said Blackwell.

“The pitch is getting worse in the terms that there’s more rough and the wicket is breaking up, it is slow spin because the wickets getting slower and lower, it’s dead. The heavy roller has been on it two or three times now and it’s not sharp spin and it’s not jumping off the length so if you can bat properly and sensibly and get yourself in it becomes easier.  It’s still causing some problems for the batsmen.

“It’s tough cricket, it’s first division stuff and it’s not been easy to get runs out there and hopefully it’s not going to be easy for them to score.  So anything we can set them around four an over, perhaps 320 from 80 overs,  gives us a decent amount of overs to try and bowl them out.  It’ll be a good day and an interesting day’s cricket”, he added.
Blackwell went to see a specialist at the close of play on day two to receive treatment to his shoulder.

“I’ve had a problem throwing this year, I had a tear [shoulder]repaired three years ago and it’s still causing some problems when I throw and I went to see the specialist yesterday and had an injection of Ostinol.  It is basically what Freddie has been having on his knee, it’s a lubricant for the joint, a direct injection to the joint to free it up a bit and perhaps give a bit of pain relief when I throw. 

“It looks like I’ll probably have to go under the knife in October to see if they can find a tear because I’ve got all the clinical signs of another  tear but they can’t see it on a static MRI scan.  It’s just the throwing action that causes me pain, so that’s one thing I can be thankful for, bowling and batting is fine”, Blackwell said.