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16th July 2009

Blackwell: Our target is to get them out for 250-300

“Having bowled them out we were obviously going to make them follow on, with the weather in mind, there is going to be a whole day plus a little more in the game left to play so we know that we’re going to have a chance to win the game and the best chance of doing that is to put them back in.

“We started pretty well with the ball, we didn’t get wickets straight away but we didn’t give runs away so with the pressure that we’ve built , wickets came in clusters and we’ve put them under some considerable pressure so from our point of view we had a very good day and we’re pleased with our work.

“The Notts lads may have got a bit caught up in the Harmison factor and in the meantime the other lads kept chipping away at the other end, picking up the wickets and put us in a great position and it was nice for me to get a few wickets aswell.

“They were in a bit of quicksand, struck, not doing an awful lot and there were chances coming so they made a conscious decision to come out and try and play attacking cricket and play some shots, it was good thinking from them but it didn’t go their way”, said Blackwell.

A partnership of 81 between Blackwell and Phil Mustard pushed the Durham total past the 350 mark.

“Me and Colonel play our cricket pretty hard, he plays his shots and so do I so we feel that not one person is taking complete control of the partnership.  It’s a fun way to play cricket, we back ourselves and play our shots and sometimes it grounds the opposition into the ground.

“My main aim each game, is to contribute with bat in either one of the innings or if I can’t do that, at least chip in with some wickets or some maidens, fortunately I’m doing both and I’m very pleased as are the captain and the coach,”

“Our target on Friday is to try and get them out for 250 – 300 and have a small chase.  If things go better than that or worse then we shall reassess as we go along,” added Blackwell.