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16th September 2009

Benkenstein on day 2 against Hampshire and Smith’s century

Former captain Dale Benkenstein partnered Will at the crease for part of the inning and no-one knows the commitment the captaincy requires more than him so he was pleased to see Smith add a big total to his name.

“I think Will would have obviously liked to have made a major contribution with the bat, obviously the season isn’t finished yet and today was fantastic for him to get another hundred.  Everyone knows how tough it is to captain, it’s a nice side to captain but the pressures of making decisions in all forms of the game have probably given him a lot more food for thought and although his form hasn’t been as good as he might have liked this year he’ll look at this season as still being a success.

“Sometimes you can be playing three different versions of the game in one week and that can be tough.  He’s done a fantastic job, it’s been good for the club and English cricket for him to have come through so well

“ I think that next year he will be able to find a balance; this year was always going to be a tough year for him.  To have a tough year and still win a trophy is excellent.  He could finish with another hundred in the next game and then it would make it a fantastic season.  I think the main thing is that we won the Championship”, said Benkenstein.

Durham finished the day on 435-9 almost ruling out any chance of victory for the hosts.

“I think it’s a very good score, it’s a very fast outfield.  The ball is starting to turn more as the game goes on so if you hit it well you can score runs.  The more runs we can get in the first innings makes it harder and harder for them”, he added.