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1st April 2009

Assistant Academy Coach to Run Marathon for Lord’s Taverners

Alastair is currently in the process of raising as much money and support as possible .  Any donation that you can make would be greatly appreciated.  

To make a donation please visit

The Lords Taverners support a variety of initiatives, a few of which are listed below.

The Lords Taverners  are the national charity for recreational cricket, supporting cricket clubs and schools at grass roots level.  They encourage young people to play the game by providing a variety of cricket equipment bags at u13 and u16 levels as well as Kwik Cricket and Inter Cricket sets. They also make grants towards the cost of non-turf pitches, practice ends and netting. In addition, they fund or sponsor a variety of regional and national cricket competitions, including the Street Cricket programme. 

The Lord’s Taverners minibuses are designed to provide vital transport and mobility for young people with special needs. Each minibus is adapted to an organisation’s specific needs and are branded in a fun design, which makes the experience of travelling in a Lord’s Taverners minibus all the more enjoyable. The minibuses provide the children with an opportunity to see the world beyond the confines of the organisation which cares for them and allows them to integrate into the wider community.

Since 1998, The Lord’s Taverners have helped over 1,000 projects such as the purchase of sports wheelchairs, pool hoists, multi-sensory equipment and play ground equipment.  They also sponsor the National Table Cricket Competition. They  look to encourage those youngsters with special needs, particularly those with mobility, sensory and learning disabilities, to participate in sporting and recreational activities within a group environment. They believe it helps to build their self confidence, social skills and general fitness, which allows youngsters to achieve goals which may otherwise be beyond their reach.

 For more information on the Lords Taverners please visit their website at