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10th December 2008

All Out Cricket brings you festive cheer

On the first day of Christmas, speaking exclusively to AOC, we’ve got Michael Vaughan and Owais Shah, two batsmen with much still to offer English cricket. One is a modern legend, the other a modern enigma, and both still burn to face the Australians next year. Well worth reading.

On the second day of Christmas, your AOC gives to you: The Brian Johnston Trophy, a straight 32-man shootout to find the world’s greatest commentator.

On the third day, we bring you the ten most hysterical overreactions in cricket history.

On the fourth, we consult the finest coaching minds in the country to reveal the secrets to tackling the turning ball.

On the fifth day of Christmas, we present The AOC Big Fat Xmas Quiz 2008, with a stocking filler overflowing with great stuff – books, bats, sweets, slippers etc – as a bumper prize for the winner.

On the sixth day, we pile up all the other good stuff and spread it beautifully over our plate: a sprinkle of Sachin here, a dose of Trescothick there, a shake of Hoggard, a sprig of Thorpe, and two large helpings of Gough and Malcolm.

Then on the seventh day, we have a glass of sherry and a kip. As you should…

Happy Christmas folks. Go easy on the sprouts, and we’ll see you next year.

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