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29th October 2009

A day with….Durham CCC’s Media Manager

“It’s a cliché but no two days are the same really – something always crops up to keep the days interesting.

“During the summer I work all home and away matches where I’m responsible for updating the website and Twitter feeds as well as looking after the media and their requests for interviews.  On a typical match day at Riverside if it’s my turn to do the early set up shift (the early and late shifts are shared between the Marketing team) I’ll come in for around 8.30am so Prospects of Play can be updated, the newspapers can be put in the Members Lounge and the scorecards can be distributed to the shop, PA announcers, media centre and hospitality staff. 

“Then, I’ll head over to the media centre where I set up my computer and check everything is in place for the media’s arrival – this includes checking whether any interview requests have been pre-registered.  Normally Sky Sports News request to film the toss so I arrange to meet the crew at the players’ gate 10 minutes beforehand – the Durham v Notts Championship match at the end of the season was a really busy match with three crews wanting coverage – it was a bit hectic!

“During the match I update the website and Twitter sites and at each end of innings or break I get up date scoresheets from our scorer, Brian Hunt, to distribute to the press.  It’s always a mad dash at the end of the day I’ll hand out the final stats and get feedback from the press about who they would like to interview, usually the best performer of the day, the coach or the captain, and inform the dressing room attendant, Peter Handy, to pass the message on to the relevant person.  Then we’ll meet on the pitch where they can conduct the interview – I record each interview during the season and write up the quotes to go up onto the website or for one day matches we’ll do a ‘Durham TV’ interview which we can upload. 

“Depending on what time the match has finished I’ll either type up the post match interviews in the Media Centre or, if it’s been a particularly long day I’ll pack up and do the work at home! 

“When we’re away Brian Hunt usually gives me a quick tour of the ground and introduces me to key people so they let me go where I need to be! I normally spend between 9.00am and the start of play working on the team bus where Dave, our driver, is always kind enough to bring me a cup of tea, then move to the media centre just before play starts.  Then, it’s website updating all day unless it rains, which gives me an opportunity to catch up on any non match related work.  I always keep my Yearbook with me as when you’re in the media centre you’re expected to know everything about your team and I have to admit some stats aren’t etched in my mind yet so it’s always good to have it as a reference!

“Once play comes to a close we always conduct an interview, sometimes it’s just me asking questions for our website and other times it’s a full house, with Tim Wellock, Martin Emmerson and either Stuart Rayner or Luke Edwards from The Journal.  I then upload the interview onto the website – if the journey between the ground is long enough then if I’m lucky enough I’m finished by the time we get to the hotel!

“Everyone always thinks that the winter is quiet at Riverside – but they couldn’t be more wrong, there may not be cricket going outside but as soon as the final day is played here we’re already planning for the forthcoming season .

“It is a little more nine to five though  – I come in, check the news sites online and my emails to see if anything urgent has come through overnight.  The website is updated daily so I normally send a few emails around the staff to see if anyone has any news for us.  I schedule most of the players’ appearances too, last week for example we had a player visit our Playing for Success classroom each day to work with local school children, which I know they really enjoyed doing. 

“Obviously there are numerous media requests during the winter and the odd press conference to organise but we do try and get involved in other areas where we feel, as a club, we can contribute to the community.  We have strong links with Northumbria University and for the past two years I have lectured to their Sports Management Media Relations module to try and give the students an insight into what it’s like to work at a sports venue. 

“Andrew Titmus, our Marketing Executive, and myself are responsible for the publication of Riverside Review and the Yearbook, and as much as we enjoy the projects, the proof reading of every single scorecard and record of the previous season does drive us to eating a huge amount of chocolate!

“The best thing about my role is that it’s so varied and I get to work with some fantastic people, not just within the administration and playing staff but the media, our sponsors and our supporters.”

Next week catches up with our Operations team – Operations Manager Richard Dowson, Facilities Manager John Hopps and Safety Manager John Handy.