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24th June 2010

Costing only £1 to play per week the Howzat Lottery provides an opportunity to win a cash prize five days a week.

All proceeds from the Howzat Lottery are donated to the Durham Academy, helping to develop the stars of the future.

Our main daily prize is £250.00 every Monday to Friday. There are 40 £10.00 consolation prizes drawn throughout the week. To finish the week off on Friday afternoons there will be four bonus £50 prizes drawn.

For more information on the Howzat Lottery or information on how to join please contact Julie Conway on 07768552642.

 Download Howzat Standing Order Form

You would only need to work a couple of hours on an evening and collect from neighbours, colleagues and friends. The Howzat lottery also offers an attractive rate of commission for its collectors.

If you are interested in becoming a Collector for Howazat lottery or for more information please contact Julie Conway on 07768552642 .